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Anno 1800 Fitgirl Repack

Anno 1800 Fitgirl Repack Free Download PC Game

Anno 1800 Fitgirl Repack Free Download PC Game final version or you can say the latest update is released for PC.And the best this about this DLC is that it’s free to download.In this Tutorial we will show you how to download and Install Anno 1800 Torrent for free.Before you download and install this awesome game on your computer note that this game is highly compressed and is the repack version of this game.

Download Anno 1800 Fit girl repack is a free to play game.Yes you can get this game for free.Now there are different website from which you can download Anno 1800 igg games and ocean of games are the two most popular websites.Also ova games and the skidrow reloaded also provide you to download this awesome game.

Anno 1800 for Android and iOS?

Yes you can download Anno 1800 on your Android and iOS platform and again they are also free to download.

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How To download and Install Anno 1800

Now to download and Install Anno 1800 for free on your PC you have to follow below given steps.If there is a problem then you can comment down below in the comment section we will love to help you on this.

  1. First you have to download Anno 1800 on your PC.You can find the download button at the top of the post.
  2. Now the download page will open.There you have to login .Once you login the download process will starts automatically.
  3. If you are unable to download this game then make sure you have deactivated your Ad blocker.Other wise you will not be able to download this game on to your PC.
  4. Now if you want to watch game Installation video and Trouble shooting tutorial then head over to the next section.

TROUBLESHOOTING Anno 1800 Download

Screenshots  (Tap To Enlarge)

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Anno 1800 PC Crack

Anno 1800 Review ,Walkthrough and Gameplay

I know Anno 1800 free download PC game is it worth of, I guess is it is it is it well let’s read the words the words of the developer and then I’ll tell you what I think welcome to the dawn of the Industrial Age the path you choose will define your world are you an innovator or an exploiter a conqueror or a liberator how the world remembers your name is up to you well I won’t be remembered as a king trade and that’s for sure before I start guys I bought this on new play not to the epics talks .I know a lot is there still crying about this you can’t get this on Steam and I’m not surprised because steam is still taking a ridiculous cut from all the developers out there so Anno 1800 download PC game of kinda says well you’re not getting our offers and I don’t bloody well blame them, so that’s why it’s on the epic store and not on the steam store but if you don’t like epic buy it on you play that’s why I bought this so ago.

So what is I know well this is my first ever Anno 1800 igg games. I’ve never played an animal game before I have played city builders and my favorites are the settlers ones who are made by the same company that did I know blue buys so that’s that’s a plus form a straight away but an all was different I’ve never played this this game before so you know I hadn’t get good and I still need to get good to be honest but I kind of I’ve got about Anno 1800 ocean of games in the game.

Now I’ve got a thriving economy and I’ve just heard me ask handed to me off the Pirates so I’ve just learned that you need a lot more ships but let’s get on with it what do you do well you essentially setting up a company on an island there’s loads of different islands in the old world which is where you start and you can either start on an island or you can start on your ship you can start because in a sandbox mode or you can start campaign mode and guys I would say that that the campaign is supposed to be the tutorial but it’s a very pure one I gotta spend a couple of hours on YouTube just watching people Anno 1800 fitgirl repack.

I’ve linked one in the fitgirl Anno 1800  it’s the best one I’ve seen there it’s fantastic and that taught me the game not the tutorial I found the campaign annoying because of the constant interruptions with stuff going on I didn’t find the story engaging at all to be honest I think this pick this game plays we’re better in sandbox mode and the vast majority of the footage you’re gonna see is from some box Mordy and set the game up any way you want any way you want rather you can also have multiplayer you can play co-op where you know you just joined up with other people who would doing the same thing as you there’s a patch coming out which will allow co-op within your own company. So more than one person can control the workings of a single company which is going to be fantastic and you’ll find out why later in this review so yes get on your starting Island and you can see what can be done on that Island because you can’t cool everything on that Island it’ll be first Isle for a certain amount of crops but not all crops you might not have every type of mineral on there you might not have Anno 1800 blackbox repack will be no fur on there you’ve got a look at what you can grow on your Island and do the best with that and then you can as you get more resources coming in you can then populate another Island as well and have multiple islands I think I’ve got five or six islands in the game that I’m playing and you need to do that because like I said certain islands have certain things that you’re going to need and in the needs are the needs of the people essentially you start off with farmers and they will allow you to make a certain amount of buildings that farmers can use and farmers want stuff from so you’ll make officially to get fish you’ll be able to make sheep pens and then you can make a clothing factory to make clothes out of the the wool .

You make a woodcutter who and then a sawmill so you get wood to build more buildings and as you keep the people happy they will start populating their little houses and then eventually that house will get full and and for a farmer they’re the first houses you get you can hold ten guys in there and at a certain point in the game you can upgrade them to workers so the farm huts will be destroyed and replaced by a worker and that means the farmers that were in there all telling them they’ll be gone and they’ll be turned into workers and the worker houses.

I think can hold twice as many so I think they hold 20 people but what you have to be careful of is as you start up creating all the houses from farms to workers you’ll lose all your farmers and then all the stuff that you’ve got on the island that is manned by farmers will cease to work because there’s not enough people doing that the jobs so you have to keep building farms as you upgrade to workers but as you upgrade the workers you’ll get a whole new set buildings that workers can build big farms and make sausages out of them and things like that and they will want you to do that they can have beer instead of the schnapps that the farmers like so you upgrading and you’re doing it kind of like starting again with with all the workers now as you move on with the workers you can upgrade them later on to artisans and that the house gets even bigger and you lose the workers that you’ve when you upgrade and yield you’re gonna pick a house and they’ve put artisans in there but they need their will needs and they will have open a full new line of stuff that they can build as time moves on you’re building more complex machinery like cannons and things like that.

But you’re running out of land because you’re expanding right across you remember you’ve still got to keep the the amount of farmers there you’ve still got to keep the amount of workers there and as you build more stuff you’ll need more workers to also yeah you end up with this huge area full of houses and then off to the sides you have all year your industry your farming Anno 1800 torrent you want to keep that well away from the houses for pollution and smell and stuff like that so everything’s like taken into consideration you have your dock area you’ll have loads of different and buildings for your docks for trade for visitors and stuff like that and you’re building ship factories as well so you’ll need to build more of the the lumber mills and more of the the brickworks and stuff like that and yet your island just gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger and the AI that you’re playing against to doing exactly the same things and then you have to go and colonize another Island because you’re running out of stuff you might not even have the right stuff there you might need furs for the certain amount of people might need first as a luxury item to keep them happy because if they’re not happy they’ll riot and things off happen all over you’ll get fires going off so we need a fire brigade service and you need to look at the coverage on the island to make sure that the fire service can cover everything and that the police can cover everywhere for the riots it’s it’s managing a whole kind of economy and population and it is so much damn fun to do.

That it is really really fun it’s not that hard once you know what you’re doing and it can be a little bit frustrating when you’re running out of space and you think I could I’ve got to go to another Island and start over and that’s the thing when you go to another Island you start the game again for putting down that first little marketplace and then building your first Hut’s again you can’t just take level 3 dollars and people over there and just say right or Anno 1800 fitgirl repack that no that’s not how it works you have to start off with the farm hoods then the work is again and then upgrade the workers to the artisans and all of that the good news is though you can use all the resources that you’ve already got the hundreds of resources that you’ve already exploited from the first island so it is a lot easier but they still need a fire service they still need a police service and everything and shit will go down on our Island as well as on your own Island and you’ll be called to all these islands and then you’ll open an appointment and then you’ll get called to that one oh there’s a fire a fire of this you’ll have to coordinator, it’s under control make sure you’ve got coverage of the fire oh there’s a riot just broke out over there oh there’s a pirate and you trade ships oh and then so you started become a lit becomes a bit of a juggling thing where you look at them but then you get expeditions you’ve got an expedition where I’ll say right you can go to the other side of the world.

Anno 1800 discover new lands the new world so you have to get a ship and you’ll have to load it with provisions and if you don’t have the provisions you’ve got to make them I’ll buy them or trade with one of you the AI people but what if they don’t like it what if you’ve been calling them at all there and it’s a little shit and eat that stuff that you’re selling so you’ve got to be nice to do missions from get get your reputation up with them and then if you’re lucky they’ll do a trade deal with you and if you’re really lucky you can do a non-aggression question pacta or an alliance with them and they’ll help you out if you need to when you help them out as well so there’s all of that stuff there’s also items that you can equip in your ships and into the trade union to build these trade union buildings and you can put them near year production stuff and you can put these items and there’s lots of like these items that you get in the game and they are like buffs like Kirk’s if you’re like there might buff here lumber mills so you would build a trade union near a lumber mill put one of these items in and then I’ll befall a lot you might get a one that self repairs ship so you would put that on your ship it’s a nice little touch to the game that makes it a little bit more interesting but coming back to the expeditions when you get out over to the other side of the world you go through a series of kind of FTL like Anno 1800 pc download.

Where it’s a bit random what what happens but if you’ve got the right supplies on your ship he should be able to get through it all right and then you discover a whole new map holding a map with a whole new set of islands and then so you’re doing it again over there so yeah you colonize an island and this does all kinds of new weird stuff you’ve got bananas what never seen a banana before well we’ll have to ship this back oh we got coffee we’ve got all kinds of new shit go on a rum we can make room over there with sugarcane and stuff so all of this stuff and then you start shipping it back in the tick’s ages to ship across because he’s shipping it kind of across the Atlantic or around the world so it takes maybe ten minutes of in-game minutes for a ship to go from the old world to the new world but you set up these trade routes and it’s so easy to do and you just don’t have to keep micromanaging it you just set up a ship and say right I want you to go from here to there if you’re gonna load this here Lord they’re not offloaded that you can make as many stops.

As you want along the way and you can set up really intricate trade routes which is so damn fun doing it and in this game so you never really run out of stuff you just buy it off someone else and to make up the money sell something you’ve got an abundance of so it’s just supply and demand at the end of the day but it is really it looks and sounds mega complicated now and I know people think oh my goodness this sounds too much.But it’s not the only time it’s it’s starting to get a bit too much is when you have about six different islands some on one side of the world and some one another things happen all the time and it can be you can be in the middle of like clicking these ships around the map on an escort mission then all of a sudden the fire breaks out you’ve got a riot going off or another ship on a trade routes being attacked and you literally can’t be everywhere at once and that’s why when the new co-op patch comes out it’s gonna be awesome having to – um I don’t know how many people hopefully more than two but two would be enough to be honest just helping you with somebody else helping you with your base you could just say right you look after everything in the new world.

Anno 1800 Fitgirl repack

I’ll look after the old world and then it you just communicate between each other or if you need to send any trade you’re way off you need help with ships a descender fleet from the old world to the new world of destroyers and big frigates because I was getting harassed by pirates over there Anno 1800 fitgirl repack I went to try and teach him a lesson and got me ass handed to me so I’m gonna build up in huge Armada and I’m gonna leveled his island and you can’t do that you can see somebody’s Island you can even buy shares in their stock and do a a hostile takeover if you get enough of them so that this game is so flexible it’s so damn good guys I mean this is a proper triple-a again when I think of Triple A games this is what I class as a triple-a again this is what I class is a really fun game and you know what I think is the best thing in this game obviously not literally the best thing but I found it fantastic the lip-syncing is all over the place and it was like bloop I just thought do you know what that’s not gonna form let’s just make the gameplay great and so that was kind of the lipstick ins probably been put on the back burner and they kind of thought yeah that’s not gonna make a break again but this is and then they’ve gone hard to work on what really matters and again how many times guys have we played a triple-a game where it’s got brilliant lip sync and then graphics is ah but the game plays a shallow was a Anno 1800 free download full of Anno 1800 well not with this game the developers have absolutely nailed the priorities with this and they have made one probably the best ever city building game I’ve ever played it is deep deep deep phone phone phone and saw damn immersive because you do feel like you are actually traveling through time.

Back in this day and age where you had the age of sale where you were just knocking on the door of the Industrial Revolution and just taking it through that era and making the cannons equipping big ships I mean you can go up to electricity I think I haven’t got there yet I’m a long way off that and but I’m having so much fun and this is now my go-to game I still haven’t unlocked a lot that this game has to offer and you know to actually width I’ve done that you’d be waiting for the review for another bloody month because it is so damn fun to play it’s so relaxing the play it’s just a joy to play this game an absolute joy to play there are a few things in this game that aren’t fun surfing is that buying the girlfriends beating me chicken I don’t mean just hitting a chicken with a hammer she’s hitting not a live chicken don’t call us it’s just beating look just flattening a chicken out cuz we’re having fried chicken there are a few things that aren’t that fun in this game some of the quests are hideous there’s like a quest where you have to find a guy.

That was all on Anno 1800 fitgirl repack free download PC game,any questions?then comment down below in the comment section.