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Transport Fever 2 Fitgirl Repack

Transport Fever 2 Fitgirl Repack

Transport Fever 2 Fitgirl Repack PC Game is free game to play.In this tutorial we will show you how to download and Install HALO Transport Fever 2 torrent.Before download this awesome game remember this game i highly compressed and is the latest update and is the repack version of this game.

Fitgirl repack Transport Fever 2 is an awesome VR game.Transport Fever 2 igg games and is made by the one and only ocean of games.You can also download this awesome game from Ova games and how can we forget the skidrow reloaded.


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How To download and Install Transport Fever 2 Fitgirl Repack

Before you download Transport Fever 2 DLC Fitgirl Repack on PC we do recommend you to watch the game installation video.To avoid all sorts of errors.

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TRANSPORT FEVER 2 – First Look at Gameplay & New Features | Transport Fever 2 Gameplay

TRANSPORT FEVER 2 – First Look at Gameplay & New Features | Transport Fever 2 Gameplay:Hello again their friends and fans Fit girl repack here and welcome to our first look at Transport Fever 2 free download PC Game to the developers have just placed a gameplay footage trailer on their channel and it gives us a little bit of a first look at what the game will have to offer on its release on December 11 2019.

The game will feature of course a auto-generate mode, a map editor and also sandbox mode as well as I believe 18 different campaign missions which allow us to take flight from 1850 all the way up to modern times so if you’re excited for the game if you want me to play it on release make sure you click tap and destroy that like button.

Transport Fever 2 igg games releases on December 11th ,so if you’re thinking about getting it please do let me know down below and also keep in mind that we’ll be able to put up some gameplay footage in a couple of days.

But for now I am only going to analyze their trailer which is analysis of their own game so without further ado let’s get right into it and keep in mind I haven’t yet played so I am going to do that right after this.

Today after great pleasure to show you for the very first time gameplay of Transport Fever 2 torrent download to transfer people to is a tycoon game where the player connects towns and industries to let the world grow and to earn money as bureau for trains ships planes and different types of street vehicles are available to build up a transport company the game starts in 1850 and the player experiences the change of time until today all content including stations towns of people is changing its look over time in this video I will show you a fictional map around 1970 we are on an island and I’ve already build up some things, so I can give you a good introduction into the game that looks so amazing I love that built with the tropical zone and we use here the Asian ability set Wow transfer fever to also contains a temperate tend to dry climate zone as well as a complete or European and American vehicle set so our beautiful island it’s a very specific example the main goal of the game is to build up a profitable transport company you are money by transporting people and cargo towns play a central role in the game the more you grow the more money you can make.

Let’s have a look at how towns work if we for example assuming too high cow we see the inhabitants which are all individually simulated let’s have a closer look and click on somebody here is Elizabeth currently going shopping I Elizabeth here’s Wolfgang currently driving home by car Wolfgang in the car nice always moved from their home to work then you go home again then they go shopping and so on it’s the task of the player to find out where they move and build transport infrastructure there so that Elizabeth and Wolfgang no longer need to walk or use their cars that is beautifully to visualize these real end users people live in the green buildings go to shopping in the blue commercial buildings and go to work in the yellow industrial buildings.

Now let’s look at the bigger picture and see what towns need to grow for that I open the town window which explains in detail how town grow works he received all requirements the current level of fulfillment and the impact on town growth we will fulfill some of them in this video the first requirement is the reach ability of workplaces and shopping facilities we are public transport according to the town window on average the inhabitants of this town can already reach about 350 destinations thanks to the shipping line going to another island and the train line connecting one of the neighboring towns however not all people can reach the harbour train stations stations have a limited catchment area shown here with the white highlight people outside of this area are not able to walk to the station and can’t use the connections over there.

Therefore to further increase the town’s reach ability number we need to extend the reach of the station we should introduce a bus line so that people can drive to the station by bus starting close to the station I will connect all three land use districts to the station so people from hi cow can reach the train station and how about by bus and all the people from the neighboring towns now can use the train and trip to come to our Transport Fever 2 repack for work and shopping that make sense it’ll work all part of the system to feed the main line at the harbour with a terminus station to leave room for additional lines or late expansion with a cargo platform having built the stations it’s just a couple of clicks to add a new line connecting them to make it easier to find it later I type in a name and set a color well that’s cool no we need a Depot where we can’t buy buses and assign them to the light it’s very similar to city skylines in terms of making lines and even looks like the game ,but more of a focus on mass transit and I love that really cool the buses we spread out automatically after a short that is so cool they’re all 70’s style.

It’s beautiful absolutely also as we can see the Nama has already increased significantly as the inhabitants of Jaco have now more places to go for work and shopping this will help grow the city we can still increase the value by expanding the public transport even further this hanoi already has a bus service near the train station another good option is to expand the train line for that i reconfigure the terminus station in hanoi to allow the expansion of the line to Kaohsiung changing a station configuration can be easily achieved by just removing the main building and replacing it at the proper spots this train station was built some time ago and the historical parts of the station like the platform and roofs will be kept intact as long as we don’t remove them.

Now that’s nice essential just upgrade we can place a train station right next to the existing tram terminal stations placed a next to each other passengers and cargo to switch between transport nodes without the need of a road between them of course stations can be placed in different configurations from the get-go.Now we have to connect the two stations for that I will activate the layer for overlaying height lines this helps to find the path with the lowest inclination and least required earthwork which is important to allow trains to go faster as they don’t have to climb Hills it also saves money by constructing Transport Fever 2 yes the elevation system in the game for angling and such a bassoon over love that or in one train on this route I’ve built a double track configuration which needs some switches before the twin stations and they snap together so easily if you’re trying to also eddie signals filled more than one reins to drive relatively close behind each other and they don’t have to wait for a free track in a station now let’s edit the line and add calcium as a new stop.

I was at Hanoi a second time so that the train will stop there on its way back the utilization of the line will soon increase so we also have to raise its capacity this can be done by editing the existing trains for example we can replace the wagons with ones that have more seats or we can add more wagons to the Train to reduce the time people have to wait for a train we add additional trains to the line the quickest way is to clone an existing train hey easy nice let’s wait for a new trains to leave the depot and drive to their first stop on the line to shorten waiting time we can increase the speed of the simulation the time it takes for one calendar day to pass and also be changed and the time progression can even be stopped that’s awesome you can stay in the same time forever if you want to do iCal is well covered with public transport.

so let’s have a look at the next requirement private transport that’s a huge feature people will switch to our services some will always prefer the car with close to 1,900 reachable destinations the value is already high but it can still be improved if you have a look at the destination layer we can see where people are going by public and private transport if we filter by hug how we can see that nobody currently is going to Manila and to reach calcium they also have to go through Hanoi which there may cause traffic jams and emissions let’s provide a shortcut for all the traffic by building a highway between her cow paint Kaohsiung we could even build a moderator out with a tunnel but that would be very expensive and I want to save money for later projects directly connecting the highway to the edge of the city may result in a bottleneck.

So it is advice to come back later and see how the situation developed and if it needs further improvement next we have a look at the demand for cargo each city demands two different cargo types one has to be delivered to the commercial and one to the industrial district as we can see here in the cargo lay on our house commercial district demands food which is one of the more simple chains so let’s start with that one luckily there is a food factory not far away from the city our leaf is not producing anything because it lacks the required resources in this case grain so let’s find a nearby farm which can supply the food factory very simple basic material that’s what mode to deliver the grain but in that case it makes sense to use trucks as the farm and the food factory are relatively close to each other and we have already build a highway so give it a second purpose and also use it for our trucks whoo nice on-ramp very cool who can’t wait for the mods this is gonna be amazing what the community comes up with load and unload our trucks we need truck stations spread speed one next to the farm and the factory let’s set up another line for our trucks and let’s build a Depot to buy new trucks many trucks have specialized versions that can only carry certain cargo types but have the advantage of more capacity in return as we only live a grain on this line I will buy a couple of specialized trucks and assign them to the line the farm is now putting its grain under the truck stations that trucks can pick it up this is also shown in the information wing of the farm that a shipping value is now maximized would be nice to see a crane or something load the trucks drop off the grain at the food factory the grain counts is transported. Thus the transported value is also increasing to eternal present unless some grain is not delivered to to overflowing stations at the same time we can see that the food factory starts producing food on home but now also has nowhere to ship its goods so will.

Hi cow the train station is located in the commercial district where the food has to be delivered so this is a good opportunity to use the station to drop off the cargo it is currently a passenger station so we will expand it with a new track and platforms which are suitable for cargo pickup and delivery at the food factory let’s build a train station attached to the truck terminal as the truck terminal can serve as a connection between the train station and the food factory now that’s like very nice let’s again connect the two stations with tracks for a moment I will only use one train on this line we can keep the tracks simple and there is no need for switches or signals should there be the need for a second train later on we can add a passing loop or expand the tracks to add our configuration I already added a new line and build a new Depot so the only thing left to do is to buy a new train in this case we need to depict leggins which can carry food and also nice oh this is gonna be awesome let’s wait we train to make a couple of deliveries and have a look at the info video of the food factory I love it at the factory can ship its goods the shipping value is increasing and later on the transport value will rise – as soon as the food arrives in the city this now also has a positive impact on growth which will even increase further when more deliveries are made when all three values of an industry production shipping and transport are above a certain threshold the industry will grow to the next level .

Allowing it to produce and ship more cargo here the next step would be to connect another farm to supply more grain and eventually find a new city to deliver the food to as I pointed out before every city has a demand for two different cargo types for the second example let’s find a more complex train and go to Manila here the industrial district demands machines machines require steel which we can get from this island here I have already set up truck lines to deliver coal and iron to the steel mill and a shipping line to deliver the steel from the steel mill to the machines fact that’s awesome very very cool a client is delivering wood from two forests to a sawmill there is turned into planks which is a second cargo required to produce the machines planks and steel interesting and there’s a truck line already supplying Manila with the machines and thus the factory did already grow there is still some shipping capacity left so we need another customer there is a passenger airline going from Manila to Jakarta so let’s use part of the existing infrastructure for that we need to add cargo terminals to both the airport in Manila hard that’s cool cargo terminals in addition airports have bus terminus next to them so let’s expand them too at some cargo platforms wow that’s really cool instead of building a Home Depot and use the existing truck line by adding a new stop to deliver machines also to the airport keep in mind that we should check if the current amount of tracks on the line is enough to both supply vanilla and chocolate with machines from the machine’s factory the Duster district in Jakarta is the destination for our machines to avoid bulldozing buildings we can use this drop-off table and place it on the sidewalk the new lines also need vehicles so let’s buy some planes and trucks note that there are two categories of planes small and large oh cool a field like the Borneo Jakarta only small planes can land modern airports can handle both small and large planes something similar is true for ships large ships need bigger landings to be able to talk at the hub.

What claw inhabitants are now happy to have public and private Transport Fever 2 fitgirl repack as well as a good supply with cargo there are also things that in the city growth so it’s pretty we touch on them as well with growing cities and more and more people using our services stations may begin to over crowd here in hi cow we can see that several stops of our bus line are already overcrowded and so potential customers may not use this pass line as a consequence a good measure is to add more or newer buses with more capacity or add an alternative line which provides a shortcut between the most crowded stations if a train or bus terminal is running out of space we can also increase the length of the platforms in the Coliseum we can see that there is heavy traffic on several roads this is probably due to our addition of the highway from hawk owl to counter it we can upgrade the road to a wider version how this will be moved if possible so the cost stays manageable crowded junctions may also be upgraded with traffic lights or around about can be added to ease the flow of traffic in Jakarta we have an issue with the emissions of our recently added trucks however in that case we can easily address it when we edit the truck line to deliver machines the line was routed through a road next to the residential district to avoid the residential district we can build a bypass this is to positive effects at once the emissions are kept away from the inhabitants and the route is even a bit shorter increasing the amount of cargo our trucks can deliver in other situations reducing emissions might need more work like rerouting entire train lines or relocating noisy airports replacing vehicles with more modern versions adjusting the maintenance level is another option to counter rising emissions.

I hope you enjoyed this brief look into the gameplay of Transport Fever 2 – of course there is much more we did not have time to cover in this video this map was only one examples of the challenges provided by the several game modes if you want to enjoy an entertaining story with our eight tasks there is a campaign mode with 80 missions waiting for you and the map editor and the random map generator allow for virtually limitless possibilities to create and share your own challenges in addition a sandbox mode is available if you prefer to build whatever you like without being concerned about the financial aspects of the game if you want to learn more visit our website and have a look at the past development highlight videos which cover the map editor and other interesting topics .

Thank you all very much for your attention we are looking forward to finally releasing the game all the best and frantic greetings from the whole team at Fitgirl repack.com.Transport Fever 2 Fitgirl