Here’s a quick FAQ on me, as I’m working on updates to 2014’s repacks and I’m receiving a lot of questions that are similar.

Q: Are you truly a woman?
“A”: “Sigh.” The next question Please.

Q: When are you going to break game N?
A: Never. There’s no way I can be a cracker. I’m an e-repacker. I’m unable to even program things. My experience is in compression not cracking.

Q: Please, please repackage the game M. I would love it so badly!
A: I’m not able to accept requests. I’m serious. Don’t ask me for certain repacks and I’ll not even consider it. You must wait for “Day of Requests”, in which I’ll allow you to request.

Q What is the best way to decide to design a repack to the game you’re playing?
A: There are too many variables in every decision, such as the difficulty of the game, weather, compressibility and more.

Q: Can you please upload repack Z again? All fileshosters, torrents, and magnets are gone!
A Note: If this repack was published more than 3 months ago, sorry, there will be no reuploads, and no seeding. My seedboxes are limited in space and I’m not able enough donations to purchase more.

Question: Who is your real name? And where are you located?
A My name isn’t significant and I currently reside in Latvia even though my birthplace was in Russia and resided there for the majority of my childhood.

Are you on Facebook? page on Facebook?
Answer: I didn’t, do not, and will never have a Facebook account. This is the same for Twitter, Instagram, whatever else. This is the sole official source for FitGirl Repacks. If you’ve stumbled here via “Facebook FitGirl Page” – you’ve been swindled by an fake.

Q: What is the reason you create Repacks?
A Data compression is something I found fascinating. It’s certainly a little odd for females however, as you’ve already observed, I’m not your normal girl.

Q How can game files get compressed? Which tools?
A: I mainly use FreeArc to compress and inno Setup for installation. Certain games require additional compressors however in 99.9 percent of the cases, it’s FreeArc.

Q: I’m also looking to create repacks, what do you suggest?
A: Brace yourself, young padawan. Here’s a list of websites that you should check out:

  • http://fileforums.com/forumdisplay.php?f=55 (English-language forums)
  • http://krinkels.org/ (Russian-language forums Utilize Google Translate)
  • http://encode.su/forums/2-Data-Compression (English-language general compression forum)

Q: What other repackers do you suggest?
A: RG Mechanics, RG Revenants, RG Catalyst, Xatab, El Amigos, Kapital Sin, KaosKrew (rips). They’re pretty safe.

The ONLY official site for FitGirl Repacks. Every single FG repack installer has a link inside, which leads here. Do not fall for fake and scam sites, which are using my name.