This page can help you solve common issues that can arise when installing Repacks (mine included) or running games that you have installed.

Essential advices

Before continuing be sure to go through the steps below.

Your Windows username have to be Latin-only (numbers allowed too)

Many cracks and games (especially new CODEX ones) don’t work properly on accounts using non-Latin characters. Additionally, complex repacks may require other software that could fail to function when running in the “VASIa” username folder. Change your username once to be done with. You can even create a the new user with a latin name in Windows and then completely change to the new user. This way, the name of the folder will be one that is reputable as well as all of the software mentioned above and cracks will function.

Re-hash the downloaded torrent

The torrents can download their content as blocks. Sometimes, certain blocks download without issues. Naturally, if you try to remove the data from the damaged archive, nothing is going to occur. Also, you must rehash. This method examines every downloaded block for completeness. The ones that are not completed will be scheduled to the redownload.

Turn off antivirus

Most likely , you are using at least one antivirus in use. Perhaps two, such as the default Windows Defender + AVAST or Malwarebytes, or something else. When you install MY Repacks (or Repacks of different safe group, which are listed on the FAQ) make sure to disable these. WD as well as MWB is the sole two antiviruses that block certain parts of my installers, whereas other antiviruses do not care. Of course, it’s false positive reaction to my “run.exe” program, which allows execution of multiple compressors/decompressors on all your CPU cores. Review the VirusTotal Report regarding this particular file.

Windows Defender can be properly disabled/enabled using this program..

Set the UAC at a minimal (Never notify)

UAC (User Access Control) is a different systemthat is “protecting” you from suspicious software. It can be helpful for complete novices who encounter the PC for the first time however, if you’re downloading repacks, then you’re not a complete noob any more.

Complex repacks need execution of several (de)compressors in the User Temp folder. The default UAC settings block these files from running, thereby hindering the installation.

Be sure to are able to provide enough Virtual Memory

If you have 4GB of RAM, you can set the virtual memory up to 8GB (Custom size setting both the maximal and initial dimension to 8192)

If you have 8GB of RAM, you can set the virtual memory to 16GB (Custom size setting both the maximal and initial size up to 16384).

If you own 16 GB of RAM, you can set the virtual memory to the size of 16GB (Custom size setting both the maximal and initial size to 16384)

If you have 32GB of RAM, you can set the virtual memory to 8 GB (Custom size setting both the maximal and initial size to 8192) to be prepared.

Don’t select “System managed size”, as it is slower. Fixed size for VMs is the most efficient option.

Utilize 2GB of memory Limit option

In the beginning, my installers can choose to limit the use of RAM to 2GB. If your computer is equipped with 8GB in RAM, or lower make sure to make use of it. 8GB RAM is a tiny amount in the modern world, with browsers alone taking up half the size.

The setup must be run with Windows 7 compatibility

If you’re running Windows 10 and have errors that are caused by missing files, or similar then run setup.exe that has compatibility turned up to Windows 7. Run it as an administrator.



Run the set-up in Safe Mode

Certain antiviruses aren’t able to be completely turned off and can delete important files, even if you believe that you have turned them off. You weren’t. They are smarter than you. In that case, restart in Safe mode, then install once more. There is no way for any malware to interfere with the installation process.

Check that you have enough space available on your drive to meet your goals.

Do not overlook The ” No enough disk space” message in the event that the installer tells you that it does. It is also recommended not to install repacks onto drives that have only a few extra gigabytes of storage remaining after installation. In installations with low memory, the available, the installer could eat up additional space that is not said.

Switch off any load that is heavy on the drive that is a target.

If you’ve got torrents running on the same drive on which you’re installing the game , and this drive isn’t SSD you can expect a long installation. Any applicationthat puts a high load on your system can cause you to be irritable during you install. The seeding process can be continued after you have installed the game.

Install the game not to C: drive, but rather to C: drive, but specifically to C drive

Windows rights system can be a tangled thing. If you’re not an authorized administrator on your OS and some drives/folders may be restricted for your account. Sometimes, games are not installed on C or another drive, or occasionally in reverse, only on the system drive. Be sure to be sure to not install games into Program FilesProgram Files (x86) directories. This is the folder that usually is the one with the least rights.

Make sure to check the Windows Folder (and beneath) for unarc.dll If this file is present, remove it.

My repacks utilize custom unarc.dll not compatible with the other unarc.dll that you can download in the hope of fixing “Unarc.dll Error”. Keep in mind that there are SEVERAL types of these errors, and they all mean different things. Also, other unarc.dll aren’t going to help.

Setup the system with the right rights, as seen in this image.

Common mistakes and solutions

I can’t run the setup.exe, it’s missing or nothing happens when I try to launch it!

The Windows Defender/SmartScreen (or similar security software, including browsers) was blocked.

1. While the file is located on your desktop or within one of your user folders right-click or hold and press on the file, then click or tap onto the Properties.

2. Under the General tab, tap or click the Unblock button and then tap or click to “OK”.


Note: If you don’t find the unblock button it means that the file has already been blocked..



More information about the subject is available here..

It’s not possible to find any file that is specified for ISArcExtract


There could be four reasons for the widely-known mistake. The following are the most popular reasons:

  • The download may be broken because certain BIN-files may not be fully completed. To fix it, re-run the torrent following the steps given above.
  • It’s possible that you didn’t download all the required files to make your choice. Say, you’re installing the game in English, but didn’t download setup-fitgirl-selective-english.bin from torrent or filehoster. Download the required file then try it again.
  • You’re running the installation from a folder with a weird name, like “C:\Users\VASIa-PUPKIN\Downloads\__[]_Super Fitgirl Repack [FitGirl Repack]\”. In these cases, setup.exe cannot find its BIN-files and therefore can’t move through them. Transfer setup.exe along with all BIN files to a smaller path, for example “C:\Repacks\Super Repack” and run the installer from there.
  • There is an antivirus or UAC running, which stopped the rebuiding of temporary archives (I frequently use them) and, as a result, the archive won’t be able to be removed. Therefore, turn off AV as well as UAC and then reinstall the game.

Visual C++ Runtime Installer

I would also suggest that you download the entire C++ Redistributables. Try this tiny All-In-One package or buy these separately on the Microsoft website.

WINE Troubleshooting

The full-screen background of WINE is completely able to take over the desktop and no other application (including the installer, and even the native Linux apps that run parallel to each other) cannot be utilized. The answer to this problem is opening the winecfgthe Graphics tab, then select Emulate a virtual desktop.

The program is stuck with “Checking admin rights” …” when something older then Windows XP is emulated. (Wine does not manage UAC or admin-related checks correctly however, every program will run as an administrator, even if windows Vista/7/8/10 are emulated.) The fix is opening winecfgclick on Applications tab and adjust your Windows version of the program to Windows XP globally (as the installer will start other processes that have the wrong Windows versions, which usually isn’t a good thing).

You should also replace the WINE cmd with the its original version by running this command

Winetricks CMD

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