EONIA Fitgirl Repack PC Game is free game to play.In this tutorial we will show you how to download and Install EONIA torrent.Before download this awesome game remember this game i highly compressed and is the latest update and is the repack version of this game.

Fitgirl repack EONIA is an awesome VR game.EONIA igg games and is made by the one and only ocean of games.You can also download this awesome game from Ova games and how can we forget the skidrow reloaded.

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How To download and Install EONIA Fitgirl Repack

Before you download EONIA Fitgirl Repack on PC we do recommend you to watch the game installation video.To avoid all sorts of errors.

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Review and Overview of EONIA FITGIRL REPACK

This is the alpha version that was released well today and I played and record on the older version yesterday and I’m just getting around to re-recording my intro because I wanted to let you know that some things have changed based on some of my feedback.In fact during this episode that you’re about to watch mainly the Crouch toggle and some mapping features that you’ll see later that I did.

I do discuss in the Tutorial and I mentioned I was going to mention it to the developers and I did they apparently have addressed it so anyway the developer is geometric bytes and this is published by a friend of mine Alex POIs key points key productions and he gave me this copy to share with you here on the website before the game is released.

So just a few days time from today and I’ll put a link down below in the description to that steam store page where you can check it out for yourself if you like what you see here during this video so basically this is sort of an open world adventure RPG as they’re calling it there’s lots of exploring and discovery and it kind of reminds me not and look but and feel a little bit like no man’s sky ,where you’re like scanning creatures and areas and documenting is also some I guess as a crafting involved and that kind of stuff I don’t really know I haven’t got that far but I’m gonna go ahead and play through the tutorial for you which again I’ve already played this is just a recording the intro so I think without further ado let’s roll it alright we got it a little intro here I’m gonna skip it nothing important and now that is that’s my alarm come on wake up wake up I skip the alarm I guess I did not skip the alarm where’s the dang alarm I’m gonna find a EONIA free download PC Game the Bell right here here we go yeah shut that thing off and it looks like they reset my settings here hang on mouse sensitivity there we go alright here we are in our little cottage in the world of EONIA igg games and yeah it’s a whole new day let’s get started.

Review of EONIA Fit girl Repack

We’re gonna go right through the tutorial here we’ll give you the basics of the game okay let’s go collect some items get close to the jars and the fruits and grab them close to the jars and the fruits here we go yeah we’ve gotta grab some Chow here it’s a long journey ahead of us now grab the jars yeah I did do this just to test my yeah my sound and video for recording purposes but that was a few days ago so here we go click here to continue all right we haven’t helped inventory it kind of gives you an overview of some of the items and how to use them which we will mess around with as we play and now a question journal and the key to Tao remain the key the chest is not my bucket oh it’s down and uh where’s that was in the basement of course it’s in the basement EONIA FITGIRL REPACK let’s go get it oh man it’s very dark here grab the torch then press the 5 key to use it and torches do not last forever of course so be frugal with it and turn it off when you ain’t using it just like your lights at home kids there we go now we have a Crouch here I would recommend that the developers add a toggle to it because I don’t want to hold a button down all the time but now yeah this is this a little tutorial to show you how to move around we can leap yeah we can duck and this is a stealth mode that might come into play later down the road I haven’t had an opportunity to use it but it is there for you and now we’re gonna grab that key big ol pinky now we can go open it turn the chest slide that under yeah whoops ow low ceiling and back up we go turn that torch off.

EONIA ocean of games yeah so chest let’s do it so everything here is super bright it reminds me a lot of like slide rancher the the graphics and the super bright colors and everything doesn’t play like slime rancher but it is an open world will run around and do some quests here in a moment but we got to do all this nonsense first let’s grab that key can i grab the key please can’t grab it yet until we go to the j journal yes grab the key to the tower of the master and go meet him okay i have the key now got it yay we’ve got the GAT the master key to the master and oh do yo do yoda trow duro alright we have information let’s let’s check it oh that’s us so I think what kind of like an avatar creature this is like a very avatar II world I guess you could say that’s our face I don’t think we can change it any but we have some quick keys here passive tools and a torch Parolles etc etc so that’s just like your character sheet alright I have everything we have everything let’s go out into the world of avignon yeah you can orient yourself in a world by reading signs and maps and so forth and that’s what we’re gonna do in this tutorial is unlock the mapping system it does really hold your hand at this point the game it pops up a lot of little lot of little screens and messages like this little disconcerting this early on but you do need to learn how to play I suppose here we go this is a rest site and it enables saving so yeah we can come in here and save any time by choosing a slot and clicking save will do it right there I do have some previous saves.

But I wanted to start fresh with you guys okay it’s beautiful isn’t it so bright and cheery but let’s follow the the instructions here let’s go meet master in know do at his tower most likely of course we can sprint with the shift key early in the game that tells you to make sure you take your time go slow read everything take in the sights but unfortunately the tutorial does not follow its own advice and there’s a lot of like invisible walls and stuff early on and you can’t really do much high-level Fowler’s yeah we don’t know much about these guys yet so let’s not touch them we’re gonna learn about them and that’s one one of the big one of the unique selling points of this game is all of the the research that you have to do the discovery so it’s all about exploration and discovering new new locations and also little critters and finding out if you can kill them in either mode or just avoid them and that kind of thing all right master even know to use towers this way yeah something weird going on here huh they had a carts were out what okay if you ever want to go back and look at the last message you just press tab in case it disappears too quickly for you all right yeah we’re – this way right you know do wait a minute gang signs master Ino Dios Tower I think that’s it up on the hill there Lani oh is a friend of ours we’re gonna go meet him at the post office which is that way but let’s not get ahead of ourselves those are side quests we bring up our quest journal we have the master primary quests and then secondary okay Lani o is actually a primary quest apparently but we’re not gonna get to him for a little bit let’s get to the master all right up this way we’re going to the tippity-top strange rocks mm-hmm they are very strange but there’s no time to delay those are polygon stones here’s another Waypoint you can heal up here too and also it restores your your stamina right quick that’s good enough ow see this is no time to explore her I can’t even check what’s behind that rock that rock right though no it’s not the rock because it’s this way never mind it’s a big wall yeah I missed this passage here we go yes the buzz of EONIA torrent download is already heard well not worried about in Toledo we just want to get in here and go see the master I really share what this thing is but you can put stuff in it apparently this game does have a lot of like I said discovery and collecting things not just information about creatures but I guess you can collect creatures and stones and I don’t know like I said I’ve only done the tutorial so far oh gosh we got to find the handle right so bear with me I’m gonna try to walk you through this quickly yes yes hold on yes right here found it he does love cheese though all right now we can go back in keep in mind this is an alpha so there’s gonna be some wackiness not all the contents in much of what you see here may actually change who knows all right we’re in uh EONIA repack tower he’s not here clearly but he left a message for us and I am NOT gonna read that again but he goes on and tells you to reading books find books and read them all the knowledge is contained in books never stop learning unfortunately we can’t take anything else on this table here.

Because I would like some cheese something dangerous it’s true about the book I have to read it yes we have to learn how to how to unlock locks not that book where’s the book here it is yes how to pick locks and we bring that up in our inventory go to a reading and here it is books they’re essential they contain data clues and all kinds of information yes they do and all we have to do is turn the pages like this there’s actually nothing in here it doesn’t really teach you how to pick locks this is just numbers and letters but for purposes of the game we are now able to unlock picks using a lock picks do it and I do believe that’s down here after you go up wait till it goes all the way to the bottom hands and feet inside at all times and here we go we’re gonna grab a couple of these got all a lot picked you never know what I’m gonna need them right and now we can unlock this thing this tells you how to unlock the locks with the lock picks and whoops can we do that again please step back here and it’s really just random guesswork as long as you get the first one in the ez lock this one is an easy one and the rest don’t matter and look at that there’s a swara tear for us and a book to teach us how to use a sword and a note from maestro and no do teaches us how to fight with a sword alright he basically says it’s dangerous world read the book about the swords and how to use them basically stab them at the pointy end right yes learned we learned how to poke them with the pointy end very good now let’s go let’s go poke the thing with the pointy ends down in the basement here and I’m free sure that’s all it said at that point although we do have to use it so here’s your sword and we’re gonna find better weapons I would imagine down the road but this is what we have for right now so we’re gonna put that in our one slot simply by right-clicking on it now yeah now we can go point with poke poke it with the pointy end we don’t know anything about the s Corino yet right you don’t know how to defeat an S Camino so we should probably learn how to do that we don’t want to get in over our heads after all all right show me s Corino here’s the Beast areum.

I’m not gonna read that you guys can pause it there if you like there’s a fish chukka Oh Coon Impala Javari s scurry no that’s the guy press the W and we now have all this information about what this thing is capable of and what need to be prepared for right okay did you memorize that cuz now we’re gonna go down and kill the stinker there we go and feed inside and put your swords in the scabbards please that’s how accidents happen and fingers get chopped all right let’s go poke the thing with the pokey end and we can hear them down but let’s better grab these potions in case we get hurt and we need to drink them fast now we’re my potions that right-click that goes on to the four key woops what’s this I just tells you how to fight and there’s melee combat mainly kind of a shield range combat Yatta EONIA PC download if a creature has a red skull it means right away I’m so colorful Abby got me okay I did read the book right I forgot.

What the book taught me I let him bite us but that’s okay this we’re gonna show you how to heal what a pity the master had what visit the master explorer zoologist yeah we have to do that eventually to I don’t know where that dude is I’ve never met him before but before we move on let us just drink a potion that’s number four yeah there we go oh yeah tasty tastes like cherry very good alright now let’s move on we have a note here from master uh no do it’s not sure if he wants to be called maestro or master and he’s basically saying you did it you done did it you killed the thing with the sword you poked about the pointy end and here’s your birthday present so I don’t know if I mentioned it but it is our birthday we’re like 15 and we’re becoming an apprentice here of Alby oh no we’re alveus we’re becoming an apprentice of master and no do soon as he gets on the ball here and there we go yes and now we have to go to the cartographic tower of the cascade zone but first we have to grab the spyglass which is our birthday present and the wristband to identify to everyone that we are now yes yes with the special language all right we done here I think we’re done here okay let’s get back up this way now keep in mind this is just a tutorial and I’m going kind of rapidly through it because it’s not all that super exciting or interesting we’re learning some of the gameplay here how to use the mechanics of the spyglass and cartography card for attire Fabri to gank postings and stuff like that but my guess is down the road once we’re done with this tutorial this world’s gonna open up now we can do some actual exploration open world type exploration was an old mind over there haven’t been there yet hopefully that comes soon but yeah I have not finished the tutorial yet it got pretty close and then I started to record for you guys here so maybe if you want to see more after this episode when we’re done with the tutorial we can continue and head out into the wild and see some of the awesome sights stellar Observatory megalo the right way cartographic post yes I think it’s that place up there on top of the hill.

Okay huh well steep this is the place I think this is a place we’re gonna find out cartographic post yes this is the cartography tower from here you can draw the map corresponding to this zone but first you must learn how to use a spyglass by reading about it so yeah we’re gonna be finding a lot of books in this game and reading about things which will unlock certain usage items and but maybe places I don’t really really know did I grab the book sample get hold on a sec let’s read this so master cartographic Marte oh here is telling us how to use the spyglass to draw area and draw animals on the map but first we need to figure out how to use the dings why right right right sorry sorry sorry where is my spyglass book I don’t see it here .

Did I not just pick up a book that was right here on the table I thought I did well maybe I didn’t I managed to go back i watch the video but could’ve sworn I picked up a book maybe this is a bug I did get past this when I played through the tutorial on my own but why don’t we head over to the we have to go here oh no we have to go to the stellar Observatory alright let’s go to the stellar observatory and I think that’s where the book is okay I think this is the place yes stellar Observatory uh-huh there’s a book grabbing all right now we can read that’s the one I was looking for okay page one two three a new quest has begun we’ve learned cartograph Wow and here we have a help spyglass page and this teaches you how to use a spyglass I’m gonna show you how to do it anyway so you don’t have to worry about reading and we better grab this note first this is from our friend oh no this is just a random ring of resistance laying here and we’re gonna take it we’re just gonna take it it’s ours now there’s nobody here so no one’s gonna miss it right right-click and put that on and now that should be auto magical yeah right there apparel and the ring of resistance I think adds more stamina stamina recovery and under issue anyway let’s uh yeah let’s go use our spyglass so here’s how you use a spyglass you press you to bring it up and you can zoom in if you have the proper upgrades which we do not right now and we can look at critters here and add them to the bestiary but before we do that we need to go back to the observatory I think we do that up here I’ll hold on I’ll wait a minute wait we got more stuff here right this is from our friend here yeah go ahead and read that there you go we’re gonna grab.

EONIA fitgirl repack I think that’s it and the broidy wait a minute new quest has begun where are everybody oh oh oh it’s a dragon Kraken I mean it’s a Kraken incredible that’s so close to Bareilles something must have forced him to come here well what can scare a Bracken oh I don’t know I have a feeling we’re gonna have to find out new quest has begun all right very nice let’s go to the observatory and let’s map the place that is the next quest right here okay we’re here back at the cartographic post and this is where you map the area using your new spyglass let’s get up to the top and I’ll show you how it works took me quite some time to figure this out and if this game is something you’re interested in and you want to learn well here’s what you do first you bring up your little spyglass and you point at the flag that little tower over there flag tower is what they call them or something and you’re scribbling stuff down right now actually populating the map well pretend you’re populating the map and you just have to wait for this to complete this sareth go yay that’s one and you’re gonna get um well this four of them yeah I don’t really like this at all this doesn’t make any sense to me yeah I don’t see why we have to have four of these and why it takes so long to do I mean four is fine but just make it instead give it make me you know two three seconds sitting here waiting doesn’t really add any value to the game play and here’s the other one by the way right behind you it’s sort of a wasteful time sink that doesn’t really serve any purpose and it’s not fun so developers if you have any if you want some feedback from me change this the one thing that is kind of annoying all right and finally this one over here the fourth flag tower and our region be mapped I mean I like the concept of your drawing you know you’re supposed to be drawing this down with your with your quill and your ink and I like that whole idea but I don’t like the process anyway there we go there’s our map province of Moroni and bread in the river region and we can show the names of these places too so we are right here the cartographic tower all right so there we go we have completed that quest you have drawn the map of a cartographic Tower.

Now look for the others there are dozens of maps to draw whew and now we can go out and draw some critters this is as far as I gotten I was unable to capture a critter with my spyglass one I got too close to and it killed me because I said I was too far away and for another one it said I didn’t have any space in my my booklet something so I don’t know I don’t know let me yeah let’s see if we can find a critter around here and we’ll look at him through the spyglass okay here’s something what’s that oh here we go okay wow it’s a red skull oh oh wait he’s coming it’s not coming right we’re gonna have to get this got a spyglass hi just stand still one second I got a draw you fool I’m gonna get down see if they can do some stealth stealth moves all right I think he sees us I think I think I did it’s too far too far to draw there’s no more space in the drunk notebook when I visit the message zoologist I’m going to ask him for other notebooks with animals to draw maybe I’ll even get paid for the way all right so this is this kind of reminds me a little bit of like no man’s sky right identifying creatures on all the planets that you land on and getting paid for it which seems kind of cool however I don’t know where the master what is this in oh no the bridges Browz Oh that title oh what the toy doll he seems nice see I’m hearing like writing and a jingle but I’m not sure what’s going on let me see bridges broke no no no that’s nothing we can cross these rivers on lily pads I know that much but if you fall in the water you sort of die ish you just get sent back to your last safe one I think so yeah I guess we are we don’t like water whatever we are this little creature we can’t swim all right we gotta find the zoologist I don’t know if it’s on the map I don’t see any zoologist on this map so I’m wondering if maybe we have to leave this region and go to a different region because there’s tons of regions here so maybe I’ll have a quick look around see if I can find me a zoologist what’s this small dock and a fishing pier I’ve never been to either one of those yet so let’s run down this path Oh what is this then some kind of a nest or something up there here here something all right do you think I can make this jump mmm made that one now I’m not sure all these can carry my weight I saw something about that somewhere too the smaller lily pads may not carry a big dude like me we made it here can I get through here okay dead end huh I’m not really fond of parkour but I guess that’s kind of par for the course and some of these Zelda ish adventury games I suppose how the heck this way yeah okay oh this is cool I do like exploring though but again this is this area is very tutorial ish I’m not sure if the whole world’s gonna be like this it seems obviously this is all handcrafted Oh where’d you go I must find a way to retract her again so I can draw her no it’s gone come back get to draw the elusive bird a nucleus a whole new quest just to draw an elusive bird how do I get her back here me I should have snuck in I just hide out right here alright I think I think she’s back and this is why I wish this was a toggle I’m running out of fingers to press buttons and hold him down she’s cute it’s a behind Rhea unknown characteristics but I’m drawing her how come I have space in my book for this bird but not the other thing.

I don’t know I must have missed something important somewhere but I’m doing it I’m doing it I hope I’m a good artist I’m gonna find out what the bird has been drawing you you has finished your first drawing in the study notebook of animals and beasts tome one now you can compare it with the beasts areum bird was drawn thanks bird to draw okay I completed that quest as she goes all right we use stealth and we drew an animal yay that’s cool alright arrived made it in one piece so what should we do next I guess we still have to find a zoologist and but no wait you check her book there’s our beastie areum beast areum see.If we got this dude in here I think you have to add new ones to our book oh there it is bird behind right oh it’s not even color I just did a black and white sketch what’s wrong with me but I think we’re gonna call it quits right here for now with this particular episode of yoni if you guys want to see more let me know leave a like in the video comment all that jazz you know how it works and we shall continue all hi what up dude don’t run now come back friendly now there are some nasty crews almost did you go in a cave it’s my torch going in you went inside but I can’t get in there visible wall all right well he’s safe for now I guess let’s do bad maybe we’ll come back out later.

Yeah all right we’re gonna call it quits here guys and gals hope you enjoyed on EONIA fitgirl repack and once again this is the only I’ll put a link down below in description to the steam store page is gonna be on early access in a few days I think in like a week like that all right that’s it for now have a good day bye bye.

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