Project Hospital Doctor Mode Download DLC

Project Hospital Doctor Mode Download DLC

Project Hospital Doctor Mode Download DLC fitgirl repack is one of the best amine game and is free to play.It is a free download PC game and is developed by igg games.In this tutorial we will give you a review on Project Hospital Doctor Mode and also we will show you how to download and Install Project Hospital Doctor Mode Torrent for free.This is the latest and update version of this game and this game is highly compressed which means that it is available in Repack.

Different ways to download Project Hospital Doctor Mode Firgirl Repack

Download Project Hospital Doctor Mode Fitgirl Repack is fun to play.Broken Delusion igg games and developed under the banner of ova games you can download Project Hospital Doctor Mode From ocean of games and also how can we forget skidrow reloaded.

The Apk for android and iPA for iPhone is also available so if you want to play Broken Delusion on android or iOS then go ahead and download it on your device.

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How To download and Install Project Hospital Doctor Mode For free

  1. Before you download Broken Delusion fitgirl repack make sure to deactivate the ad blocker.
  2. Click down on the link.
  3. You will redirected to the download page.
  4. There you have to login on the page.
  5. Once you successfully login the download process will starts automatically.

Review on Project Hospital Doctor Mode Fitgirl Repack

If you’ve never wanted to build and operate your own hospital then Project Hospital Doctor Mode DLC may be the game for you.

Project Hospital Doctor Mode download we can manage our staff diagnosed and hospitalized patients perform surgeries and deal with all sorts of crazy big emergencies so let’s go ahead and get started by building our very own clinic in an empty field should be a good time there we go alright so we’ve already got our first area set up and ready to go we’re gonna build ourselves a large clinic here and build it into a hospital eventually we have $50,000 to do so so without further ado let’s get starte.

I think we’re gonna get started by like a seven by four we’re laying out our foundation now for future buildings now I’ve played this a little bit so I got a little bit of a head start on my design idea here so what we’re gonna do is start with an area for reception and for a waiting room and then eventually build on to having our large clinic area examination rooms and areas for wow. I guess x-rays and anything else that you could imagine clinical testing and that type of thing so we’re gonna go ahead and start with three six by six rooms here so I actually I could just lay it up like this nine by six should be fine actually well we’ll probably want to go across the whole thing let me just go ahead and make sure we have enough room here because we’d have to go by let’s see six by six for three and we’ll extend it for a couple of other rooms so that should be okay there alright perfect so I’m already laying this out in my mind and it seems to be going pretty good so far we’ll extend our waiting room over here so you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about in just a second.

if we click on the management mode we can lay out how everything’s going to be so that way you can get a better picture of how our building will be cut up so this is the waiting room here and then we’re gonna build a public restroom here and then we’ll also have to have a corridor that leads back into the near the examination room so we’ll kind of Project Hospital Doctor Mode igg everything this direction now obviously we’ll have to put up walls too so that’s very important GP stands for I believe general practitioner which is basically the doctor’s examination room so a little off on that one and then the last one here 6×6 perfect so we’ll have three doctors and a reception area.

We’ll get to building that in just a moment let’s throw up some walls here let’s go ahead and start with the exterior walls that should be good we’ll build them here and I guess we’ll actually build this all the way along here and we can even put some windows down and do all sorts of different designs we can preview things a little differently you can see what the exterior of the hospital will look like and then let’s see I think that’s all we want to do for now and then we’ll start building with different walls on the interior all right let’s go ahead and shrink this down start cutting our areas up a little bit we’re gonna divide here actually we probably want to there we go we’ll divide this area like this perfect so this will be our waiting room reception area that’ll be our bathroom here our little restroom or wash closet then we’ll go ahead and cut these three into thirds perfect and then we’ll add a little bit of a I guess stats room or something very soon all right it looks like we’ve got a really good start.

I’m happy with the hospital so far okay looking good and we’ll just build the bricks onto this actually you know what we need a little storage closet too don’t we all right we better do that we’ll need a storage closet for our eventual I guess our janitor will need a janitor here so let’s go ahead and do a three by two and we go that should be a little storage closet for them actually I wonder if we could just build it on over here actually three by two like this it’s perfect we can add that on right there tuck it into the corner and all right we’ll need elevators eventually you can build up to like a three four maybe five storey hospital pretty cool all right so far so good let’s get our wash closet area or I mean our let’s see our little cleaning closet area designated perfect and then we’ll just need to add doors to everything so let’s get started with that now we’ll go ahead and divide everything up appropriately so this will be our main entrance to the hospital I think we’ll put that here we’ll need doors then two different areas and give the bathroom this kind of a gray color I guess that doesn’t matter the door is going to be white no matter what okay let’s go ahead and go with let’s see double doors windows.

Oh actually there’s Project Hospital Doctor Mode ocean of games yep there you go yeah different area different doors for all sorts of situations alright let’s see if we can get a different door here it seems like it’s trying to limit us to only one door here let me try this door oh I see we can paint these ones oh that’s cool well let’s go with this one and then the doctors will have three doors here okay perfect and then we need one for the they are all right very good for the little cleaning area perfect all right let’s start giving everything what it needs to furnish if we click on the little symbol there it’ll pop up everything that’s needed in order to work for a waiting area but there’s one last thing we need before the waiting area which would be the reception area so let’s go ahead and make that I think we can make that a let’s go ahead make that right here we’ll make this a 2 by 4 seems good to me I think we actually have to oh it has to be a 3 by 3 at least okay we’ll make it a 3 by 4 then yeah but I don’t like exactly that spot perfect all right very nice so now we’ll go ahead and put down everything that needs to go down let’s do some flooring a little decoration right we can change the tile colors which is pretty cool so right here this is gonna be strictly white tile let’s go with that let’s make our waiting area let’s go ahead make it a nice like calming color maybe like a light blue or something like that that looks nice a dark colored tile I’m gonna just pretend like it’s carpet so let’s go ahead and do this whole area and then let’s do our corridors as a kind of a lighter green there you go everything’s coming together rather nicely okay storage closet let’s make that a red color let’s make that a dark red there and let’s go ahead and do some tiling for our doctor’s offices.

Let’s do some light colored tiles in here should we do white and blue tile or just blue tile I think blue actually looks the best okay now let’s go on to the next thing which is the areas themselves let’s go ahead and put down a reception desk let’s go ahead and click here there we are receptions desk let’s go ahead and put down these we’ll do a write desk and a left desk should be pretty good that looks perfect to me all right so that way somebody can sit there and take all of the new patients into the clinic patient intake yeah it should be good apparently that one needs a chair too but we’re okay all right that should be everything they need to do their job let’s go ahead and then build a waiting area let’s see these are gonna be a little tricky to build I think because the chairs are so large you know they’re it’s gonna be kind of tricky to put things exactly where it needs to go otherwise they’re gonna be sitting right behind the receptionist desk we could probably move that over but I like it being even with the the door there so let’s go ahead and put maybe some chairs this way and let’s see bump up pop-pop-pop-pop I wish we could put one individual chair there but that’s okay actually we’ll put it like this perfect .

All right let’s go ahead and put a couple of little coffee tables here for decoration nice little waiting area for everyone that should be more than enough for our patients for now let’s go ahead and decorate with a few potted plants at the main entrance there we are and it looks good you know we’ll do we’ll put also a a little drink thing down let’s do that what do we have for. Let’s see what we have fridges and such what about waiting room they’re our water cooler perfect and we can even put down a vending machine but I think we’re good for now so we’ll call that we’ll call that good I guess let’s actually put that down over here all right very good so now let’s work on the bathroom bathroom needs a toilet itself and a little bit of sink mirror and hand dryer I think it’s all we need to get it functioning and we’ll even throw down a trash bin – this is gonna be awesome okay the bathroom is up and running we got that going let’s do some more potted plants for the entrance into the little clinic area there we go we can even put up things on the walls if we want to let’s go ahead and do some design of windows let’s do some window designs we have a glass pane that we can put out here so that’s gonna that’s gonna be real nice Inlet to the hospital here with some windows it’s gonna take a look at how it’s looking so far oh that looks really nice that really looks wonderful the rooms all look good we definitely don’t want a window into the bathroom that would be that’d be that’d be that’d be a lawsuit waiting to happen all right let’s put some windows on the outside too for the general offices here and I think we could probably even put some on this side maybe facing out that way let’s put a window let’s see make sure it’s even across I think we can do it here and here and here perfect that looks great really looks nice now doesn’t it okay we’re staying away from the corners on those so that looks great okay let’s move on then to putting all of the things inside of the equipment now needed inside the examination rooms so let’s go ahead and put down let’s keep everything blue.

Let’s keep our theme blue inside here so we’re gonna just basically put down three of everything anything that we buy we’ll put it down in the same spot and this will allow us to do with three times the patience and it’s gonna be a real good thing now we have all this Project Hospital Doctor Mode fitgirl repack, but it’s going to fill up quickly as we need a lot of things inside here to do our tests and to properly care for the patients including pcs and printers to print out prescriptions there we are and we’ll also need some chairs for those doctors as they’ll be spending most their time in here obviously to work with the patients that come through and let’s get some examination lights up let’s go for blue again and there we are well that kind of is a weird color of blue let’s try the darker blue now you can barely even tell that’s right we’ll leave that one oblong okay so now what else we need is equipment tables and cait cabinets should be good and then we’ll need a little bit of a sink too so let’s do that we’ll need to wash their hands you know it’s very important to wash your hands we had CRP scans that’s some medical equipment for the doctors and then also our sinks too are going to be a requirement okay that’s all we need I think to get these rooms up and running oh we can’t even put the eye test on the wall hilarious let’s go ahead put that over here and let’s see I think there’s something else we might need it’ll help their quality of work if we can give them a few different machines actually the EMG it’s probably gonna be our best one it’s about muscles and such so if somebody comes in with an aching back or something that could help without having to send them to to x-ray which we can’t yet do but you can build in this game I think that’s really amazing you can actually put an x-ray machine in your hospital that’s pretty cool oh this thing has to clamp on to a bigger desk okay well we’ll leave that there for now these seem fine we’ll be adding on to these three rooms in the future so let’s go ahead and start hiring some staff all right so what we need to do now is hire three doctors and receptionist so I think for our receptionist we’ll hire Frank foster as our registered nurse for the front frontline troops there I guess for the I guess we can’t okay I guess okay all right we’ll try to do it this way let’s let’s try to do it by dragging all right well we have three doctors let’s go with dr. Sarah Cole dr. Sarah Cole is hired there and let’s see we have enough staff to first accept patients let’s see first insurance companies are already contracted okay very good.Let’s get Casey Williams dr. Williams and doctor let’s go with David white.

Dr. white all right very art yeah let’s go with Frank them Frank’s gonna be working the front there we go all right fantastic doesn’t have a request it’s requested specialization receptionist is required for employees of this room oh you’re not a receptionist oh I’m sorry let’s go ahead and hire her then there we go all right I guess we’ll have Frank just hanging out I guess there’s a specialization you need to watch out for that’s all right Frank we’ll hang out and can assist we’ll assign him to something in a little bit okay let’s go ahead and start our first day now and we can buy some more things for the hospital too actually one thing I forgot about is we’re actually able to buy something called the Q machine.

Which will allow people to check into the hospital it’s automation essentially so it’s helpful that way let’s go ahead and put it let’s put it oh I don’t know maybe in this in the front here as people are coming in maybe over I don’t know where to put this thing let’s try to put it I guess over by the vending machine maybe they can auto check in .

Okay let’s see the first full day unfold we’ll have patients here in just a moment and boy I wish I one thing I wish I could do is still work on the hospital while the staff was doing their things so essentially you know they’re they’re gonna basically be walking around and if I try to build it’ll pause the simulation oh you can see here there’s some white walls on that side I’ll have to paint those for the exterior but eventually those will be interior walls as we expand upon the hospital all right looks like our first victim patient is coming in Sarah Moore she’s coming in here now let’s see what’s the problem exactly I guess we can’t find out exactly what the problem is until she speaks with the doctor so she should be in shortly let’s speed this up and see how things go okay so she’s already checked in oh she’s being called back good so talking with the doctor about what the problem is taking blood pressure listening to the heart and problem oh all right perfect look at that we already have our first our first cure there very nice all right so now our goal is to make ten patients a day for insurance so let’s go ahead and open that all right now we’re gonna try to treat 15 patients per day for the insurance company it’s already raining here people are coming in and out doctors are being uh won’t work to the bone now already very good lots of money coming in $16,000 is all we had remaining that’s enough to hire some more staff and build on to another room in the hospital and we can even build like bridges that go over the top too so if we want to expand upon the parking lot or build like an area that goes around the hospital .

Build a Skyway that connects we can do that too Wow look at that the doctors are working away you know one thing we need that we didn’t buy is first of all we’re gonna need something for the closet here let’s go ahead and buy ourselves the bucket with the cart and let’s apply a well actually we’ll have to hire a staff member for this to do some cleaning let’s go ahead and hire Jordi Barkley Jordi what’s up all right there you go okay our janitors ready she should be able to keep the hospital functioning by keeping things clean and looking at he’s already cleaning the floor it’s good job all right let’s see what we’re on now the one it’s already just about one o’clock in the afternoon patients are still coming in I think we built the right amount of seating for them I imagine we’ll be seeing more patients very soon all right when we go on we’re going to build a oh testing room and we’ll see wait a minute complicated diagnosis we have to now try to see what’s up with Jordan Jackson alright he looks like he might have a sinusitis or bronchitis mm-hmm let’s see antibiotics is the cure for one and saline nasal spray is the cure for the other I would imagine probably best to give him a nasal cavity inspection to determine the difference between the sinuses and bronchitis which is the lung so let’s go ahead and try that doctor I’m no doctor but you are but apparently I know how to do your job sir I’ll be taking $36,000 thank you all right let’s go ahead and give him that test objective complete we’ve treated ten patients a day we get a $10,000 government grant all right let’s see how this works all right he’s finishing testing wow that’s quite a few complicated tests well looks like he was able to cure him very good or at least give him a prescription for what he needed very good now you know what’s really cool about this game we could also decorate the outside as well so at the end of the day we’re gonna probably put down some nice trees and bushes and fencing and just all sorts of different things.

I hate that we have Frank standing around but we’ll put him to use very soon once we open up our next thing we could actually use the nurse and the technician to do that so it’s not that big of a deal plus he’s a good helping hand around very soon another complicated diagnosis for Diana Miller all right Diana what’s the problem tennis elbow or golfer’s elbow oh we won’t be able to really tell without an MRI or a x-ray machine and we won’t be able to do that yet let’s give her a physical examination that might be a good solution there let’s try that dr. better to determine what the issue is now the difference between those two is one is treatable with the pleura raishin therapy and the other one is ice wrap so I guess one is a little bit bigger than the other we’ve unlocked the stat lab now which we need now no clear diagnosis for a Diana well we’ve given her all that we can I suppose I guess the only thing is going to have to be to send her home since we don’t have the right equipment to make the proper diagnosis so let’s just go ahead and tell her that we’re not sure but use ice or something like that you’re probably fine that’ll be $700 that’s how hospitals work hi doctor I feel a little ill alright that’ll be $700 no no we can do like wow I gotta open that up okay so Wow look at the track that traffic here is getting so dirty whoa bro Jordan you got to get to work on that all right Casey Williams here dr. Williams is rolling around so far so good we’ve made a lot of money up to $28,000 and just one day doctors are probably playing Fortnight.

Right now oh yeah you can see how competitive they’re looking all right let’s see employees leveled up oh very good Jordan Barkley is now specialized as a possibly a better janitor I don’t know look at me look at he’s going though he’s cleaning all these areas but just not the one we need come on Jordan dirty over there come on man I’m bringing a little card over here yeah whatever all right well as soon as they’re getting done here I guess it’s the end of our working day so let’s go back to building let’s go ahead and shrink all the walls let’s finish up what we didn’t finish up yet today so we now can build ourselves a specialization lab so let’s do that we can build a or I guess a some sort of a I’ve forget the exact terminology for it let’s look that up it is called the stat lab so we’re basically a building a laboratory that can confirm and run other tests that sometimes the doctors don’t have access to right in their rooms so not too bad for one day we only have to turn one patient away just because we couldn’t we didn’t have an x-ray machine so not the end of the world let’s go ahead and build some tile here I think we’re gonna make this one let’s make it red tile this is gonna be kind of our stat lab so let’s go ahead and put some red tile down and we’re gonna put down a door and let’s see if we can build that right here okay looking good.

Now let’s put some equipment inside there as soon as we designate that it is going to be stat lab boom all right very good now let’s go ahead and put down what we need here this takes a lot of equipment or at least we can get a variety of tests look at all the different things here that we can build crazy all right our ia machine stool analyzer thermal cylinders lab analyzers lots to do okay let’s go ahead and put some lab tests down I think if we put a couple down in the middle that might be the best let’s try to let’s try to put it down maybe on the outsides first let’s put a couple of tables here and then let’s put down we’ll put down some equipment there and then let’s try to maximize space with two more lab tables here and maybe one there okay so that might maximize our space the doctors are still gonna need their desk in here too so let’s go ahead and put down a another lab no office desk is what we want here perfect all right let’s see what we can put in here now for machinery okay so now we want to put down a biohazard bin just like we did before let’s see we’re gonna want a lab sink that might be a good idea that’ll kind of block some of the the desks but that’s okay real estate is kind of at a premium right now and we can always reorganize everything if we need to let’s go ahead and put down the PC that we need in order to do research life so we need to scoot that over a little no that’s in the right spot let’s put down an office chair very good while we’re dealing with everything in this hospital I love it let’s go with a stool analyzer I guess we just buy a little bit everything in order to do all the types of tests that the patients are going to need in order to get back the results to get a cure or a remedy for whatever they may be facing let’s see a sample storage that’s basically a refrigerator let’s see microscopes that’ll be useful and we’ll put down a few chairs in here too and our ia machine and if you hover over things it tells you exactly what it does and and you know what’s what it’s used for and how much it costs that type of thing so there’s lots of great information you can get if you don’t know if you don’t know what things are you can just easily hover over it and it’ll work all right looks like we have a lab shelf here we’ll put that in the middle probably dangerous to set that thing out like that and the Medical Center fusion the center – all right looks like we got everything to make it functional so let’s go ahead and put down a couple of chairs just for ease of access to everything you know and I think we’re good let’s go ahead and speed up time again now we can also have nighttime staff here so we can have a 24 hour clinic for now or a clinic so you know we’re not we’re not in exact an emergency room we may not have the funds for that quite yet but for the time being we’re at least able to examine three patients at a time and we have a nice waiting area so this is a very good start to our our medical Empire.

I must say I really like this game a lot already beautiful day night cycle it really reminds me a lot of all the previous games that are similar to this and get feels of prison architect I also get feels of maybe some of those other business games where you have to you know make a reception area and all the offices and floors but this is a little different and it’s pretty cool because you can also build radio whether they call it radiology rooms for x-rays.

You can also have surgery and also intensive care units as well as the standard emergency so it’s all pretty good it’s interesting how this is considered emergency when people are coming here it’s like I feel a little ill and that that’s how you charge them more boys all right very good well I think that’s it for our first day so let’s see what happens tomorrow on day two all right it’s the start of the next day I’m gonna go ahead and build on to the radiology department see if we can get ourselves a x-ray machine going and see if we can hire some other technicians it’s one thing I didn’t do yet is a hire a technician for the stats lab so let’s do that now too so we don’t forget I think actually we can bring over what’s his name can be hired over here let’s see Frank are you are you ready to go let’s see if if we can assign Frank to this let’s see it’s gonna have to be don’t know it’s gonna have to be actual lab lab people Frank Jill I don’t know I don’t know let’s go with that one perfect Frank Jones is up let’s go ahead and build ourselves a radiology lab now build some let’s see there we go gonna build some walls here and then we should be able to expect yeah we’re gonna expand our corridor and our mines man okay perfect that’s looking great what’s in the hallway down here is needed I guess it’s outside so we can’t do that yep that’s okay we’ll put the door here and we should be all right to proceed okay let’s go ahead and put down some flooring too this is gonna be important for a radio a radiology lab let’s make it yellow this is gonna be oh wait actually since it’s radioactive we might want to use a different door I asked it might be very important to put an x-ray warning door there all right let’s go with that instead okay let’s do the designation of the room for x-ray and let’s go ahead and go with the x-ray room there we are okay so now we are able to buy the equipment needed here we need more equipment cabinets and we’ll need an x-ray board and then we’ll need the x-ray machine itself.

The control room for that or the control panel which can be on the other side but we don’t don’t have a lot of money right now so we kind of got to be you know careful about that all right and then we need a PC to look at the or descend files emails whatnot all right let’s go ahead and put our PC down and our office chair and we should be able to hire a new staff member very quickly let’s go ahead and get somebody up for this one radiology new staff member let’s hire David Thomas I guess I don’t know I’m just clicking on whatever name I see first and of course there’s different benefits to doing that but I just want to hire them I’m not gonna be too picky about you know how much experience they have that type of thing it’s all good well I really wish the UM can he not bring that cleaning cart over here he’s been able to clean the bathroom it’s starting to really get on my nerves that is the dirtiest hospital room right there the corridor is dangerous okay so now we have the ability to do x-rays and extra reports and we have more equipment that we can buy lots of money we can spend as patients are coming in and out this is gonna be really awesome I can’t wait to show everyone all of the large hospitals what is Frank doing over here Frank what are you doing he’s actually a medical surgery beginner in patient care he’s more for intensive care and such I hate to like fire him or something like that but I don’t want to add them to a favorite either assign him to a work space all right now well that was my mistake the Frank could hang out he’s welcoming people to the hospital he’s waving them down come on come on in all right let’s go ahead and continue on oh man the gym look at the janitor sir he was with a patient oh my goodness that is totally gonna be illegal Oh what do we have here lactose intolerance and Crohn’s disease oh there could be one or two what are the symptoms for this patient we have vomiting flatulence diarrhea and abdominal cramps one or two let’s see a diet modification or boy what is that quarter quarter quarter of steroids oh boy let’s see physical examine a sample would that would that help I don’t know about that what how would exactly we would go about that autoimmune is for Crohn’s disease and let’s see gasps and abdominal pain for lactose intolerance oh boy we’ll have to pick one here blood Dora I don’t think that’s gonna do anything with it well let’s go with the stool sampling since we actually have one of those machines and see if it works I don’t sup to the doctor I don’t know anything all right let’s see looks like he’s gonna run that test or he did run the test and now the patient’s gone oh must have been successful it’s weird it’s kind of hard to know at the moment whether or not it’s gonna succeed but anyway that is just a glimpse of what it’s like to operate your own clinic and eventually hospital .

That was all on Project Hospital Doctor Mode download free if you have any questions related to this tutorial then feel free to ask down below in the comment section.Also if this tutorial helped you in any way then feel free to share it with your friends.


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